Privacy policy

Privacy Notice

Dorset Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS)

Who we are:

Dorset SENDIASS will be the Data Controller for the personal information you provide. Personal information can be anything that identifies and relates to a living person. This could be your name and contact details. As the Data Controller Dorset SENDIASS will use your information to provide you with information, advice and support, you have requested.


Why we collect your personal information:

Basic Principles

At Dorset SENDIASS we understand that you need to know that:

  • We respect your right to privacy
  • You can speak to us, email us or write to us, in complete confidence
  • You can contact us directly without being referred by anyone else
  • No-one outside our service will know that you have contacted
  • Children and young people have the legal right to our support without the consent or knowledge of their parents and if requested to so, we will appoint separate case workers for a child or young person and their parent or carers if asked to do
  • We will never communicate with anyone outside of Dorset SENDIASS about your contact with us unless:

you give your permission for us to do so. In these circumstances we will always request your verbal consent before speaking to anyone; or

if we become aware that a child or young person or someone else may be at risk of serious harm or we are legally required to do so by the police or courts.

We will collect enough personal information so we can provide you, your child or young person with confidential, impartial and accurate information, advice and support, as required by the Children and Families Act 2014, part 3.


We are not permitted to collect information we do not need or will not use. This document covers information you have provided direct to the Dorset SENDIASS and information which has been shared with us, with your permission, by other organisations.

If we don’t need your personal information, we will either keep your details anonymous or we won’t ask you for it. If we use your personal information for seeking feedback on our service or other research, we will always keep your details anonymous.

We won’t sell your personal information to anyone else.


The legal basis for using your information:

According to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018, we must have a reason to collect and use your information. This will be:-

  • To provide confidential, impartial and accurate information, advice and support to you
  • To enable us to manage the service we provide
  • To train and manage our workers who deliver information, advice and support
  • To investigate any worries or complaints you may have about Dorset SENDIASS
  • To check the quality of our service, to you
  • To help with planning of Dorset


We will only hold your data, in the following circumstances:

  • Consent: you or your young person have given explicit consent. (Under the GDPR you can withdraw consent at any time)

Our service also needs to use sensitive personal data also called “special category data” which requires more protection to keep it safe. This is often information you would not want to be widely known and is very personal to you, your child and/or young person. It includes:

  • Special Educational Needs and/or disability Medical conditions


We will take extra care of this data. The legal basis we rely on to collect and use this personal information is:

  • It is necessary to perform our statutory duties, as a SENDIAS service
  • it is necessary for archiving, research, or statistical purposes


Who we may share your information with:

As Dorset SENDIASS is an arm’s length, confidential service we do not share any of your information with anyone else unless:

  • you give your permission for us to do so; or
  • if we become aware that a child or young person or someone else may be at risk of serious harm or we are legally required to do so by the police or

We will always try to check with you before sharing any information unless there is a legal reason that prevents us from doing so.


Your Rights

You have a number of rights that may be exercised free of charge. In summary, these include the right to:

  • fair processing of information and transparency over how we use your use personal information;
  • access to your personal information and to certain other supplementary information that this privacy notice is already designed to address;
  • require us to correct any mistakes in your information which we hold;
  • require the erasure of personal information concerning you in certain situations;
  • receive the personal information concerning you which you have provided to us;
  • object in certain other situations to our continued processing of your personal information; and
  • otherwise restrict our processing of your personal information in certain circumstances

Any of these rights can be exercised by completing an online request form here: protection.aspx

Alternatively, you can exercise these rights by writing to us or telephoning us using the contact details below.


How long we keep information about you:

We will retain this information for 1 year after closing your case, or, if agreed by yourself, for as long as we are directly supporting you and your child or young person. You should be aware that once data has been deleted according to our policy, it will not be available should you make a Subject Access Request.

We will not keep information for any other purpose, other than that we have agreed with you

e.g. if you have agreed for us to contact you for feedback on your service experience.


Further information:

If you have a concern about how we are using your information, we would ask you to contact us in the first instance using the address below:

Dorset SENDIASS Manager South Annex

County Hall Collition Park Dorchester DT1 1XJ


Data Protection Officer:

If you are not satisfied with a response to your concerns from the Service, the Dorset Council Protection Officer, can review any issues regarding Information Rights legislation if necessary. The Data Protection Officer can be contacted at the address below:

Data Protection Officer Records Management Unit County Hall

Colliton Park Dorchester Dorset


Email: Tel: 01305 838125


Information Commissioner:

For further information about Information Rights legislation, please contact the Information Commissioner’s Office at or by telephone 0303 123 1113

A Pdf version of this policy is available here