Dorset SENDIASS Impartiality Policy

The Service supports children and young people with SEN and/or disability and their parents / carers.

Dorset SENDIASS views impartiality a defining characteristic of its Service.

SENDIASS provides an impartial service to all users. By impartial, SENDIASS understands the meaning to be:

  • not favouring one side over another
  • treating all parties respectfully; and
  • not having vested interest in the outcome of any

All Service staff and volunteers know they must be impartial in all aspects of their role. Therefore SENDIASS Officers and volunteers will not make judgements on the views, behaviour or policy of any party.

Service users will be made aware of this policy when they first approach the service and a copy of this policy will be made available to them upon request.

Dorset SENDIASS supports service users taking part in negotiations and discussions with schools and Dorset County Council. It does this by assisting them to express their views and wishes. The Service aims to ensure that all parties to discussions understand their rights and responsibilities and the rights and responsibilities of the other parties.

The Service will provide impartial information regarding policy and practice both nationally and locally to enable service users to make informed choices. This information will enables them to better achieve their desired outcomes. Service user’s views and decisions will always be respected irrespective of the views of the SENDIASS officer.

Service staff are aware of the implications of equal opportunities and endeavour to ensure that the Service is accessible to all.

All staff and volunteers will receive training in impartiality and a copy of this policy.

Review of this policy:

This policy will be reviewed annually or more frequently should changes in legislation require it. The policy will be reviewed by the SENDIASS Manager and/or the SENDIASS Steering Group as considered appropriate.

SENDIASS Officers, the Local Authority and other agencies will be informed when an updated version of the policy is issued.

A hard copy can be provided upon request or the policy can be accessed on the SENDIASS page of the Dorset County Council website.

SENDIASS Officers will ensure that service users with active involvement at the point of policy update are made aware that an updated version of the policy is now available and can supply a copy of the policy upon request or sign post to the SENDIASS page of the Dorset County Council website:

Reviewed October 2018

A Pdf version of this policy is available here.