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Please complete this initial enquiry form and email it to us so we may prepare to support you appropriately:

As of September 2023: our response time may be longer than usual as there is staff absence in the team

If you are enquiring about a tribunal, please consider this information:

If you are in the process of an appeal or progressing to a tribunal, please ensure you are aware of the timescales relating to your appeal. This can be found in your registration paperwork and comes in the form of a table.

Here is a list of forms that may be needed as part of your appeal –

SEND7 – Request for change –

This may need to be used for when you are wanting to change anything about the appeal e.g. open up a placement appeal to include contents, to add in some new evidence once the final evidence date has passed, asking for dates to be changed etc

SEND45 – Case Review form – this can be found with your registration paperwork.

This is an overview of the appeal ready for the hearing. Usually completed and sent in between final evidence date and just before the Bundle date. The specific due date for this form can be found in your registration paperwork.

SEND11 – Attendance form –

Who is attending your hearing and who you are going to call as a representative, helper and witnesses. This may be covered within your SEND45 form.

When emailing the local authority (LA) or the tribunal, you must quote your appeal number in subject bar EH835/–/——- , hearing date and child’s surname.

Emails should be directed to and copy in the LA on plus a Locality manager (if known).

For more information please visit –

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The aim is to reduce time for the caseworkers if parents fill in this information in advance.

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