How to make a complaint

Complaints procedure/policy April 2020

We strive to improve our service and to enable us to do this we need to know what you think. We welcome compliments, comments, complaints and constructive criticism because they help us to identify what we  do well and where we need to improve.

Our aim is to provide accessible tools through which you (all service  users) can communicate your views about our service.

If you have a complaint about a Dorset SENDIASS Officer or the service that you have received, we would like to resolve the issue at the earliest opportunity. We suggest that you follow these steps.


Step one: We hope that most things that you are concerned about can be resolved quite easily by discussing them with the SENDIASS Officer at the earliest opportunity.

Step two: If the matter has not been resolved or you are not satisfied with the response from your SENDIASS Officer, you can raise the matter with the Service Manager by emailing:

Step three: If you are still not happy that the matter is resolved you should contact, Dorset Council Customer Relations here.


Complaints, constructive criticism, comments and compliments are ways in which the quality of any service is maintained and developed.